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Thanksgiving Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

As a child, it is no shock that Christmas and my Birthday were my favourite celebrations of the year, as I got into my teens and 20s things changed, and I always looked forward to celebrations like Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day… I am sure you can imagine why. As a matured, this coming weekend of celebration has taken the lead for my favourite holiday of the year. Crisp, colourful leaves, cool fall weather, food and family. If your family is anything like mine, it’s a large family gathering where everyone yells to talk over each other and we all over-eat, not just at the dinner table but over the whole weekend. I love the holidays. I love my family. I love eating. But the meaning behind the day is what I love most; being grateful for what you have, the food the family, the love. Growing up, every time we had a family get together,  even a weekend at the cottage with all our cousins, my mom would always put together a scavenger hunt for all the kids. It was never easy, and I know now the point was to keep us occupied for hours, and it worked, but it was always something we looked forward too. I plan on continuing this tradition with my family and what better way to do it then over a holiday that is meant for families to gather and feel grateful for one and other. So this holiday weekend, try something different with the kids and even the adults. I have attached my family gratitudes scavenger hunt below for you to print and share. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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